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Software System Integration Eastney WPS SCADA Upgrade

Eastney WPS SCADA Upgrade

Eastney WPS SCADA Upgrade

Scope of works

TSE in collaboration with TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) are delivering the site wide SCADA upgrade at Eastney WPS for Southern Water.

The project requires the installation of a new site wide fibre network and new SCADA server. The new integrated Wonderware InTouch SCADA system will replace all existing SCADA/HMI components to provide a single site-wide SCADA system.

At the Eastney site the PLC hardware is predominately of two variant types, these being:

  • GEM80/131 and GEM80/400s
  • Allen Bradley SLC 5/05s

These will be replaced with the Allen Bradley Control Logix platform.

The proposal is to re-engineer a like-for-like functionality of the existing GEM80 / Imagem and SLC5/05 control system with modern PLC and SCADA technology . These will be compliant with Southern Waters MEDs as far as is practicable and will future proof the sites SCADA and PLC network.

Once the upgrade has been completed it will provide a reliable and compliant foundation for any future changes or enhancements.

Commissioning will comprise a rolling programme over a period of 12 months, phased by process area in order to manage risk.

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Eastney WPS SCADA Upgrade

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