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Drive Systems Segars Lane WPS

Segars Lane WPS

Segars Lane WPS

Scope of works

A replacement MCC incorporating 30kW Schneider soft starts had recently been installed, which had been found to be incompatible with the site installed generator, due to the high starting currents of the soft starts. The size of the starter enclosures precluded the option of installing internal VFDs, so TSE were tasked with modifying the starters and installing IP54 ABB ACS550 drives externally. These drives were then cabled into the starters and programmed to the customer’s requirements. The fusing of the starter sections was checked for compliance with type 2 co-ordination.

As part of the scope of works TSE carried out a 7 day pre-install and post-install harmonic survey using a Chauvin Arnoux C. A 8335 Power Quality Analyser. The proposed VFD harmonic foot print was modelled against the pre-install survey prior to assembly to ensure compliance with the requirements of Engineering Recommendation G5/4.

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Segars Lane WPS
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